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December 13

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Keola Beamer
       A Night of Magic and Aloha
   Keola and Moanalani performed Friday December 13 to 30% of Seldovia's population (those that were in town that day-95 people came). Keola Beamer, Hawaii's Slack Key Master Guitarist, and Moanalani, famed Hula Diva, graced the stage for two wonderful hours after a dynamite oriental dinner lovingly prepared by local chefs, Lynn Corwin, Robert Purpura, Han Werba and their dedicated service crew. It was a night of magic notes, full tummies and Aloha!
   Special thanks to underwriters: Seldovia Arts Council, Seldovia Native Association Inc. Seldovia Rowing Club B and B, The Mainstreet Market, Smokey Bay Air, Beachcomber Realty and to Deborah Peterson of Anchorage who provided financial support for the event. And special thanks to lead cooks: Lynn Corwin, Han Werba and Robert Purpura. Also special thanks to the Bunnell Street Gallery of Homer for partnering this event.

lf to rt: Renda Horn, Due Ingels, and Susan Mumma
October 16-20
News Release
Susan Mumma, of the Seldovia Arts Council
; Renda Horn, from the Bunnell Street Gallery in Homer;and Sue Ingels, 6th Grade teacher at Paul Banks Elementary School in Homer acted as delegates to the first meeting of the newly formed Institute for Education and the Arts in Washington D.C., October, 16-20, 2002. The Homer/Seldovia area was chosen for its involvement in the arts and the delegates were chosen as leaders in arts advocacy for the area by organizers Ron Stowe and Donna Powers.

September 22, 2002
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Scott Cossu
Musician and Composer - Features acoustic piano with harp, cello and vibes. “He’s a first rate pianist with a big heart.” - Billboard Magazine. “ Very versatile musician, plays many instruments.
Ann Linquist Flutist, who is an extremely talented artist has played electric flute, jazz, classical, folk, Middle Eastern, medieval, renaissance and baroque styles of music for the last twenty years was also in concert with Scott.

August 8, 2002

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Fruit came to Seldovia on August 8, 2002 and charmed the community again with their song and music...Pop/Jazz Concert - Wonderful & modern music ..once again a full house and everyone enjoying the sounds!  

July 27, 2002

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Andy Baker (his web site)

Andy wants to be known as "A travellin' acoustic rock musician based out of Anchorage, Alaska." He was fun
and enjoyable to listen to.

In Memorandum- Dave Carter
Our Hearts grieve as we have received notice that Dave Carter passed away from a massive heart attack on July 19, 2002. Our Sympathy to Tracy Grammer, Dave's family and friends. He will be greatly missed. Message from Tracy (Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer were key performers at our 2002 Music Folk Festival)

July 17, 2002

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The Bill Hilly Band
- Fantastic music came to Seldovia - If you weren't at the concert, you really missed something! THEY WERE GREAT! Each of the musicians were outstanding and delighted both young and old! We could have listened to them all night long! Standing Ovation!!!!

June 21-22

April 20, 2002

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  "St. John's Inn Band"
Performers are:
Dan McElrath on the keyboard and vocalist; Dirk Westphal on the bass; Andy Mullen on the guitar and vocalist; and John Damberg on the drums. The Senior Class cooked a wonderful Bar-B-Q ribs and scallops/shrimp dinner. We had a wonderful time enjoying the food and the music. During the first half of the concert the band tried to get anyone to dance...Andy finally bribed the audience with $1,000,000 to the first couple who would get up to dance. Sherry and son, Thor, did it....and got the Promissory Note! After the first intermission, the audience started to dance. It was a delightful evening. What a treat!!!!! 

May 17, 2002

George Kahumoku and Nancy Sweeney
charmed their way into our hearts (once again) as they have revisited Seldovia. George stated he just loves to come to Seldovia and has done a whirlwind tour of Alaska this trip, visiting and playing in more than 4 Alaska locations. We enjoyed his mellow resonating voice, the funny and interesting stories about his life and its adventures and the graceful hula dancing bringing the music into the body language telling the story.