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Year 2000


September 14-15, 2000
Bump & Logie:
Concert and school performance

Logie Meacham and William "Bubba" Klinefelter performed music and poems that thrilled Seldovians young and old. Schoolkids especially loved the faculty participation in "Casey at the Bat." Special thanks to John Mickelson for loaning his guitars for the performance, the Mickelsons, the Glovers, Bunnel Street Gallery, and WESTAF.
August 18-19, 2000
Cheryl Simpson: "Here's Looking at You"
A contour drawing and self-portraiture workshop
Cheryl Simpson HTR-BC (far left) is a registered board certified art therapist and a painter. The workshop was based on the work of "Grandma" Elizabeth Tayton who developed the technique to cure her own depression and produced over a thousand works. Sheryl showed slides of contour drawing work of other students and led the class in exercises and the beginning of a self-portrait.
August 7-11, 2000
Susie Weaver: Quilting workshop
Susie Weaver (left), a former high school teacher, has been quilting for about 10 years and has been an instructor for 5 years. Currently she is an instructor for Precious Hands Quilt Shop in Tucson, Arizona. She is also a member of the Tucson Quilters Guild and was Co-chairman of the Tucson Quilters Convention held January 2000. Susie is a published quilter with several copyrighted patterns. She led two-day beginning and intermediate workshops and a special one-day session on the "stack and whack" technique. Sponsorship thanks to Mary Glover, Patti Scheel and Susan B. English School.
July 13-14, 2000
George Kahumoku, Jr. & Aileen Perez:
Hawaiian slack key guitar and hula
George taught a workshop in Hawaiian slack key or open tunings guitar on Thursday while his mother, Mrs. Perez, taught a basic hula class to the Sea Otter Dancers and other participants. George and Aileen also brought native Hawiian foods that were prepared in the traditional way to contribute to a community cultural hertitage potluck at which they and other relatives shared their family history, Hawaiian heritage, and talked story. George performed in a concert Friday, which featured hula demonstrations by Mrs. Perez and her local class.
July 4, 2000
Chalk on the Block
The second annual appearance of this event at Seldovia's famous Fourth of July was another great success. Thanks to the Seldovia Chamber of Commerce, Susan Mumma, Felicia Roland and Jackie Graese.
June 17, 2000
Dave Van Ronk: blues guitar and vocals
Seminal beat-era Greenwich Village guitar artist Dave Van Ronk played in concert at Susan B. English School.
May 21-29, 2000
Tim Behrens: Drama workshops and performances
Tim Berhens performed a stage adaptation of outdoor humorist Patrick McManus's A Fine and Pleasant Misery. He also conducted special drama workshops for kids. Sponsorship thanks to Seldovia Rowing Club B &: B, Seldovia Village Tribe, Seldovia Boys & girls Club, and Susan B. English School.
May 1, 2000
Jim Evenson: Printmaking workshop

Noted Kenai stone lithographer Jim Evenson came to Seldovia to conduct a print-making workshop for adults and children in the Susan B. English School Ottertorium. Special thanks to Seldovia Rowing Club B & B.
April 13-14, 2000
Region 2 Music Festival:
Dinner for 340
The Arts Council prepared and served dinners for 340 student performers and adult directors and chaperones in town for school music festival events under the organization and direction of Lynn Corwin.
April 27, 2000
Mary Staunton
& JerryMulvihill

Irish Music

Irish musicians Mary Staunton and Jerry Mulvihill were joined by Tom Walker and Dan Possumato of Anchorage's Irish band Last Night's Fun for an evening of authentic Irish music. The group also played a special afternoon performance for school students.
March 15, 2000
A Taste of Seldovia: The Arts Council cookbook
The Arts Council collected recipes and artwork from community members and businesses for this great all-Seldovia cookbook. Cookbooks went on sale in June and the first printing is nearly sold out. Special thanks to Darlene Crawford for publishing assistance, Kathleen George for the cover artwork and art pasteup assistance, and Mark Janes for recipe-sorting.
March 7, 2000
John Straley: Mystery author
Sitka author John Straley led writing workshops for community members and gave writing classes to highschool students at Susan B. English School. Special thanks to Splash Zone B & B, Tracy Philpot and Lynn Corwin.
February-March, 2000
Digital Imaging Classes

Seldovian Bob Olson led 6 weeks of digital imaging workshops taking students through camera and software choices, digital image manipulation for web use, and publishing images in web pages. Three new Seldovia business websites were created out of workshop activities. Special thanks to Carrie Olson for great class refreshments.
February 11, 2000
Elaine Haas and Merlin Cordes:
Swing Dance workshop and dance

Elaine Haas and Merline Cordes of Homer came over to teach kids and adults the fun art of swing dance. They even threw in a few ballroom dance steps. It must have been a success, because the kids were still doing them come prom time in the spring.
Swing Dance workshop and dance
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