Fruit Band from Australia
August 8, 2002

When you think of the true meaning of the phrase “ spine tingling harmonies” the vocals of the Australian group Fruit immediately pop to mind. Other descriptors would be the words “ fresh and truly interesting from a musical point of view . They are part rock, part pop, part alternative and one hundred per cent entertainment. Fruit rocked to an enthusiastic crowd of Seldovians and visitors Thursday night in the Seldovia Village Tribe tent courtesy of the Seldovia Arts Council. This last event in the 2002 Summer Season was Fruit’s second visit to Seldovia. Seldovians flocked to the performance ready to savor once again the eclectic variety of Sam Lohs, songwriter and guitarist, Mel Watson on vocals, guitar, saxes, horns, Catherine Oates, bass guitar and vocals, Susie Keynes songwriter, vocals and guitar and Yanya Boston, drums and vocals.

It was LIVE MUSIC once again giving this quiet village a chance to take flight for a few hours on the wings of rhythm, transporting it and bonding it and connecting it.

All songs performed were original compostitions by band members of Fruit which can be heard on their CD’s, “Here for Days” and “Fruit Live in the Basement”.

In A song called “Islands.” Catherine Oats began by whistling a simple melody to which the Susie and Sam added harmony, then Yanya added a beat, reaching a crescendo during the outstanding solos on the trumpet and sax by Mel Watson. Simple then complex, quiet then rocking, the music wove in and out as the light from the setting Alaskan sun kissed the faces on these wonderful perfomers. Mel sculpted the air with her hands, her voice and a variety of instruments,. in an almost dance-like performance of the song, “Momma, Momma, Momma!” I never knew what this love was gonna be, Momma!” Sam made us laugh with her “latin lover “ antics in a song about Pedro and Susie gave us a sneak preview of the unrecorded song “ Jellyfish” which had been inspired by their trip to Alaska last season. It was a dynamite concert to say the very least!!!

The Seldovia Arts Council would like to thank those who helped to sponsor this event: the Alaska State Council on the Arts, the Bayview Suites, the Seldovia Village Tribe, Darlene Crawford, Mike and Mary Webber, The Seldovia Rowing Club Bed and Breakfast, the stage crew: Andy Criscuolo, Mary Glover, Susan Mumma, Savannah Lewis. Shawn and Tom on sound, (Downward Dog Productions) and Lynn Corwin. Review by Susan Mumma