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Wearing traditional costumes and playing traditional instruments, (the folk harp), this 5-member group is one of the most faithful interpreters of the traditional music of Veracruz, Mexico and most Latin America.

November 12, 2003 Wednesday
Tlen-Huicani "The Singers"
Concert & Mexican Dinner



July 17, 2003 - July 19, 2003

World Famous Artist
Cheng Khee Chee

was here in Seldovia teaching his Watercolor Workshop
Cheng Khee Chee and Sing Bee live in Duluth, Minnesota

We had 22 artists in the workshop which was held at the Missionary Baptist Church (now for sale)
on Jakolof Road. Thank you to the owners of the church property for donating this location for the workshop. Also thank you to the Seldovia Native Association for donating the Senatorial Suite at the Bayview Suites for Cheng Khee and Sing Bee to stay in during their visit here.

They Came to Seldovia!!!!
Mark NelsonHaweye Herman
Mark Nelson  Haweye Herman
Phillips, Grier, and Flinner
Phillips, Grier & Flinner
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June 20 and June 21 were Two Big Days!!!!!!
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Central Charters had a special chartered boat (M/V Discovery)
that brought people from Homer to the Festival!
Thank you Central Charters!

Patrick Ball
March 6
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Celtic Harp/Irish Storyteller Concert
  The harp that PatrickBall plays is a splendid recreation of that legendary Celtic instrument made by the master harp builder Jay Witcher of Houlton, Maine. Like its ancestors, its thirty-two strings are made of solid brass and its body is made of hardwood (maple). Patrick Ball is one of the premier celtic harp players in the world and a captivating storyteller in the Celtic tradition. Patrick Ball's harp is one of a kind because he told us Jay Witcher made it out of a softer maple wood from California and it may be a "one of a kind" harp. It truely has a mellow, resonating wonderful sound.

February 14, 2003

February 5, 2003      Andes Manta - View Web Page on Concert


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