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(above) Keola Beamer and Moanalani in concert; Photo by Darlene Crawford

A Night of Magic and Aloha

It was an emotional moment for this reporter as I put the telephone receiver into its cradle following a call from George Vincent, Keola Beamer's agent saying that there was a possibility that my favorite guitarist, wanted to tour Alaska this December with his lovely wife and dance diva, Moanalani and that they were considering coming to Seldovia!!!!! When I told Lynn Corwin about the chance, she too, was thrilled. Hailing from Hawaii she, too, knew of Keola's talent and his deep connections to his culture through music and dance and his family's significant contributions to the arts of Hawaii over several generations. Keola is responsible for the renaissance of a form of guitar, Ki ho'alu , or slack key . He is also the composer of the best selling popular song in the history of modern Hawaii, "Honolulu City Lights", and many, many more hits for such record companies as Windom Hill and Dancing Cats. His mother, Winona Beamer, herself a talented dancer and performer, is credited with creating the King Kamahamaha School, in which Hawaiian culture was finally valued and taught to young Hawaiians who were loosing their traditional arts . His Grandmother, Helen Desha Beamer was one of the most valued composers in Hawaii. It was unbelievable that such a bright star would want to come to our small town.
A magical ball was set rolling as Lynn suggested an Oriental Dinner to accompany the performance and the Seldovia Arts Council Board decided that we would try to make this a free concert as a Christmas gift to the community. A variety of businesses who were contacted, offered financial backing and members of the Seldovia Arts Council and other community volunteers, concentrated their best efforts toward making this one of the finest events yet. To try to name all the folks who volunteered their time would be foolish, for so many came forward. Seldovia Arts Council says " Mahalo" to all who came and enjoyed that dynamite meal and the delicious concert and to those who helped make it possible. Even the weather was co-operative, as in the middle of the first snow of the season, a "hole" opened up . Against all odds, the visitors came and went in calm.

Special thanks to underwriters: Seldovia Arts Council, Seldovia Native Association Inc. Seldovia Rowing Club B and B, The Mainstreet Market, Smokey Bay Air, Beachcomber Realty and to Deborah Peterson of Anchorage who provided financial support for the event. And special thanks to lead cooks: Lynn Corwin, Han Werba and Robert Purpura. Also special thanks to the Bunnell Street Gallery of Homer for partnering this event .