Seldovia Arts Council
presents Tlen-Huicani
November 12, 2003


Wonderful, Fun, Happy Time!!    Beautiful Music!!

 Tlen-Huicani in concert


It may have been the coldest, snowiest day yet this winter, but inside the Susan B.
English School Commons this Wednesday, the music was muy caliente!!

Bring together the artistry of Mexico's Tlen Huicani, the Mexican/Alaskan cuisine of chef Lynn Corwin and crew, and then spice it up with the debute performance of local classical guitarist Seth Suydam

Seth Suydam

and you have one unforgettable evening with plenty of food and fun for all.

The Seldovia Arts Council was proud to present Tlen Huicani, which is the Aztec word meaning "singers." The group comprised five of Mexico's premier vocalists and musicians under the leadership of Alberto de la Rosa, Mexico's most celebrated folk harpists. The group traveled over seven thousand miles from Vera Cruz, Mexico to spend one night here in Seldovia and if you asked anyone who attended, they would say the concert, was worth the trip . The group has traveled to over 60 countries in their thirty years of touring, but this has been their first trip to Alaska. Featuring the folk harp which is central to much of the music of Latin America, the group played a wide variety of Latin American styles. Harpist and maestro, Alberto de la Rosa's solos

Alberto de la Rosa

featured musical patterns and rhythms that were a cut above even the most professional of musicians and made it clear why he is considered of the finest musicians in the world. The colorful and beautiful songs, such as the Mexican " ranchero" and the special "jarocho" music of Vera Cruz featuring Alfonso Lagunes Ortiz

Alfonso Lagunes Ortiz

and instrumentals of the whole group were a delightful mix of guitars, guitaritas, panderas, bongos and even the most humble and ancient of all instruments the simple coffee leaf. Their rendition of "Granada" featuring Raul Garcia Fernandez (the elder)

Raul Garcia Fernandez

on the coffee leaf brought smiles and cheers from everyone. Each musician was a master performer in his own right. "The evening ended with a rousing version of just about everybody's favorite, " La Bamba" . "Vericuzians" are proud to say that this song originated in Vera Cruz in the days of the pirates, over 300 years ago. The five musicians were, Raul Monge Acarcon,

Raul Monge Acarcon

the younger, on percussion, harp and vocals, Alfonzo Lagunes Ortiz on vocals and guitar, Alberto de la Rosa on harp, guitar and vocals, Raul Lagunes Ortiz on guitar and coffee leaf and David Melgarejo Huesca

David Melgarejo Huesca

on base guitar and vocals. Bravo. Bravo!!! We were so honored to meet you all!!

The Seldovia Arts Council would like to thank its granting sponsors, The Alaska State Council on the Arts, The Harper Tour Fund for Performing Arts and the Western States Arts Federation. They would also like to thank the Bay View Suites for housing and Homer Air for help with transportation.

Special thanks to Lynn Corwin for a fine feast and to Seth Suydam for wonderful "background" sounds. (Please play for us again Seth!!!) And last but never least, to all of the volunteers and participants here in Seldovia who prove every day that it does indeed, "take a village" …..thanks .

web page and pictures By Mary Glover