Seldovia Arts Council
presents the
Sitka Music Festival - Winter Touring Trio
February 14, 2003

Valentine's Day 2003 brought forth the first brilliant, warm, sunny day of 2003 in beautiful Seldovia... an omen for what was going to happen. The Sitka Music Festival Winter Touring Trio came to Seldovia bringing with them the loveliest sounds from Beethoven, Mozart and Bach.
Paul Rosenthal on the violin; Peter Rejto on the cello; and Nicole Divall on the viola
were our guest performers.

Paul Rosenthal - click for larger image

Paul Rosenthal
Violin -
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Peter Rejto, click on image for larger picture  
Peter Rejto

Nicole Divall, click on image for larger picture
Nicole Divall

Valentine's Day

The trio graciously played a mini concert for the children at the SBE School. The children were mesmerized by the melodious music. (Even the musicians commented on how well behaved the children were during the concert.) The musical notes from the great composers filled the hall and everyone knew that this was a very special time. Then the musicians spoke with the children and told about their instruments: how they make the sounds; where the materials that made the instruments came from; and just how it happens. During the children's concert Peter played the Bach prelude from Suite #1, Paul and Nichole played the 1st movement from Mozart's Duo #1, and the trio played the Finale from Beethoven's Trio in G.
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Trio playing Beethoven's Trio in G
Children in audience
Concert time at SBE School
Peter Rejto telling about the cello
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Mr. Rejto teaching a hands-on experience
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The children asked questions and one child was allowed to play Peter's magnificent cello, a rare treat that I can scarcely realize how great a gift that was.
Evening came and these highly talented and tuned musicians graced our presence once again.However, much to our dismay, Nicole had a mishap and was not able to play during the evening performance. This left Peter and Paul to decide how to play their program without their viola player…an impossible task. Instead of a trio, Peter and Paul pulled off a spectacular concert with individual pieces of selected music…all from memory because they had brought only their trio music! The audience was spellbound! The minutes evaporated! We could have listened all night! Peter played J.S. Bach's 6 Sonatas for Cello and Paul played J.S. Bach's "Sarabande" Violin Sonata In B Minor and "Gavotte in Rondeau" in E Major.
In our intimate setting, at the end of each of their spectacular performances was a short question and answer period. Both artists told about their special instrument, Paul Rosenthal's violin was around 300 years old and Peter Rejto's was made just about the time that J.S. Bach was writing the solos for the cello that Peter played this night.
Paul Rosenthal telling about his beautiful violin
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Peter Rejto in concert playing  J.S. Bach's 6 Sonatas
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Peter also passed around a manuscript copy in Bach's own handwriting and played an excerpt of the same passage of music with two different interpretations, demonstrating what Bach may have intended. Peter also added that this was not the only interpretations, but that it was possible that every musician could have their own interpretation how it should be played. Oh, if we only had a recorder in Bach's day!

All of us who heard the concerts were truly thrilled and charmed and enjoyed a most beautiful time with our talented guests. At the end of the concert the Seldovia Arts Council displayed a table of chocolate delights for purchase: truffles and cookies by Lynn Corwin and chocolate brownies and chocolate chip brownies by Michelle Massion and Mary Glover. Co-sponsors for this event with the Seldovia Arts Council were the Alaska Airlines and the National Endowment for the Arts. Special thank you's to all who helped (the Seldovia Arts Council board and other individuals) with this event in set up/take down, cooking, transportation and lodging needs and admission gate. Special thanks to Susan Mumma for introducing the Sitka Music Festival Touring Group to the Seldovia Arts Council Members and to the community of Seldovia.

Paul Rosenthal in concert playing J.S. Bach's Gavotte en Rondeau in E Major
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Paul, Peter and Nicole - Thank you for coming to Seldovia!

Concert Notes, web page and pictures By Mary Glover