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Bearfoot Brings a Second Showing to Seldovia


March 29, 2008
7:30 PM

SBE School
below: left to right
Analisa Tornfelt-fiddle, Angela Oudean-fiddle, Mike Mickelson-guitar, Jason Norris-mandolin, and Kate Hamre-base

On March 29th, a Saturday night, it was rock-n-rolling at the SBE School as the Seldovia Arts Council brought Bearfoot back to Seldovia (by popular demand). We had the first taste of Bearfoot during the 2006 Music Festival and loved this young group of Alaskan musicians. The concert was well attended by the percentage turnout of our small community's population. Bearfoot is an acoustical band playing bluegrass-jazz style giving life to their own musical creations. Each musician is highly skilled on their own instrument while singing in beautiful harmony.

Just to give our readers an idea of what it costs to bring this group to town, it is $3,500.00!

The gate taken was 75 tickets and 5 family tickets. It doesn't take a math genius to see our gate does not pay for these artists to be here. Many thanks to Susan Mumma who arranges the event and writes the grants for the Seldovia Arts Council. Many thanks to the people on the Seldovia Arts Council who take care of these artists once they are here and make the concert arrangements.


Many thanks to all of you in the community who turned out to hear this great music. And lastly, thank you to the Alaska State Council on the Arts and WESTAF for your grant money to help the Seldovia Arts Council fund this event. It was definitely a night we all will remember!

These young musicians were absolutely fabulous!

Arriving in Seldovia

Afternoon Workshop at school

The Concert Begins

Beautiful Harmony

Wonderful Minstrels

Alaska's Bearfoot is outstanding!
Event Sponsored by:


) Alaska State Council on the Arts

2) Harper Touring Grant
3) Western States Arts Federation (Westaf)
4) Seldovia Arts Council