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Year 2001

Year 2000


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The Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival
June 18 and 19, 2004
was Absolutely Fabulous.
We all had so much fun and made so
many memories!!!
Wonderful Sounds in a Beautiful Place!
Other Festival Information

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Musicians coming into Seldovia on Webbers' boat
Coming into Seldovia
Musicians arriving in Seldovia
Coming into Seldovia

Coming into Seldovia

Lousiaska coming to Seldovia
Coming into Seldovia

Lousiaska coming to Seldovia
Coming into Seldovia
Lousiaska coming to Seldovia
Coming into Seldovia
Taking Gate - People coming in!
Coming to the Festival
Arts Council Workers
Taking the Gate
Opening Ceremonies with  Susan Mumma, Judith Lethin and Mayor Wyland
Opening Ceremonies
Seldovia's own
Seldovia's Own
Rad Lorkovic
Rad Lorkovic
Headliner Rosalie Sorrels
Rosalie Sorrels
Little Sue and Rick Brooks
Collette Webber and Rick Brooks
Headliner Tim Sparks
Tim Sparks

Rick Brooks
Jaming together
WorkshopShawn Zuke
Workshop Belly Dance
Workshop Rosalie Sorrells
Workshop Earl Mullins

Earl & Alice Mullins

Karen Boyland & Ellen Lockyer

Best Friends, Lili McGovern & Shawn Zuke

John Cook

Tim Sparks and Rick Brooks
Sat Night

Son Henry

Mayor Wyland & Judith

Mountain Echo

Mountain Echo landed in

Midnight Starlight with Rad & Greg Laakso

Elizabeth Santoro with Midnight Starlight

Midnight Starlight
Piano Tom Lambert

Midnight Starlight
John Wheatley

Rad Lorkovic

Top of the World Chorus
Director Karen Leet

Top of the World Chorus

Top of the World Chorus

Tim Sparks Advance Guitar

Tom Begich

Terry Holder Band

Picture of Lou Nathanson
and Steve Hendricks Needed - please email to




Festival photos by Mary Glover (maryg@seldovia.com)

Scheduled - Arts Council Meeting -

Bylaws Change to Members: Change the Quorum for a meeting from five members to four members and Removal of term limits. View Bylaws

Interest Story: Quiltmaker Artist, Susie Weaver, took Best of Show in Tucson, AZ 2004! CONGRATULATIONS SUSIE!  Susie came to Seldovia and gave quilting workshops for us in 2000 and 2001 and started a few quilters here in Seldovia!
Help us finish this project this coming good weather!
Mural for Seldovia Fuel & Lube - Plan to help us finish this mural when the weather gets a little better!

Most Seldovia Concert Events cost: (gate fee for the Music Festival is different)
Pre-sale tickets will be $12.00 (adults) and $8.00 (children), $30.00 (family).
At the Door tickets
will be $15. (adults) and $12 (children), $35 (family).
Advanced Tickets can be purchased at the Seldovia Rowing Club or
from Seldovia Arts Council members.
Call 234-7525

Seldovia Arts Council events are supported by of the Alaska State Council on the Arts, the Western States Arts Federation, Seldovia Native Association, Inc., Susan B. English School, the Harper Touring Fund, and other local Seldovia businesses, more specifically mentioned in the "concert reviews."

Seldovia Arts Council ~ Contact: Susan Mumma (907-234-7614)
PO Drawer 41
Seldovia AK 99663-0270
Seldovia Arts Council ~ Contact: Darlene Crawford, Treasurer (907-234-7625)
PO Drawer M
Seldovia AK 99663-0270

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