2004 Seldovia Summer
Solstice Music Festival

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This year's festival is to be held in the SBE School's facilities.


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Rosalie Sorrels
Folk Singer and Story Teller
(a national treasure)

"One ciritc described Rosalie Sorrels' singing voice as 'one of the most wonderful voices in American music, an instrument as mellow and finely aged as an antique viola."
Awards to Rosalie Sorrels

Tim Sparks
A multicultural guitarist

"The world first took notice of Tim Sparks in 1993, when he won the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship in Winfield, Kansas, for his over-the-top arrangement of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite. Since then, Sparks has continued to surprise, challenge, and thrill audiences with his daring repertoire and stunning steel-string chops. Combining a powerful picking-hand technique-which he developed while studying classical guitar-with a knack for making odd time signatures and microtonal bends flow effortlessly from his flat-top, Sparks has created a unique style of global guitar that crosses both geographical and historical boundaries.

Guitar in hand, Sparks began his creative adventure by journeying to Balkan and Mediterranean countries to absorb the rhythmic and melodic nuances of their music. On his debut solo album, The Nutcracker Suite, Sparks wove themes from Greece, Romania, and Albania into a fretboard fantasy titled Balkan Dreams Suite.

Articles about Tim Sparks

Performers scheduled to come:
Rick Brooks, Shawn Zuke, Lilli McGovern, Midnight Starlight, Alice and Earl Mullins, Son Henry, and Steve Hines, Seldovia's Own, Little Su, Terry Holder Band, Lou Nathan, Karen Boyland, Steve Hendricks, LousiAlaska Band, Top of the World Chorus, Rowan Mulvey, Shawn Zuke, John Cook, Mountain Echo, Tom Begich


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