Year 2001

Year 2000


VLADIMIR ZHIKHARTSEV (prounouced G-heart-sev)

September 20, 2007 (Introduction)
September 21-23 Workshop

Watercolor Workshop with
Vladimir Zhikhartsev, Teacher

Vladimir Zhikhartsev, artist and teacher from Fairbanks, Alaska, taught an extraordinary watercolor class in Seldovia. Being an excellent teacher, we the class, felt we learned an amazing amount of theory and techniques during such a short time. Zhikhartsev is a very knowledgeable artist and has the ability of conveying what makes a good painting to students. We certainly enjoyed the class and hope he will come back again.
Vladimir Zhikhartsev was born in Provedinya, Russia and received his formal degree in Fine Arts Education in Russia in watercolors, acrylics and oils. He is married to Nadia and they live in Fairbanks, Alaska where he does ice sculptures in the winter and paints in the summer.

Pictured here, Zhikhartsev is giving a brief overview to the community of his class he was going to present the next day.

Vladimir Zhikhartsev has won the Gold Medal in the World Ice Champtionships a total of 15 times!
Pictured here is one of his works. (Photo by Kristin Risung) Link to work in 2006


Below are pictures with Vladimir Zhikhartsev instructing the SBE School students. He was gracious to allow the kids from the school to come and view his art and receive a brief demonstration.