Year 2001

Year 2000



Festival Time was FABULOUS!!!!

June 22-23
Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival
All I can say was it was incredible! The music was rockin' and the BEST!
If you missed it, well you Really Missed it!

Pictures by Mary Glover

Susan Mumma's Directors Page - Thank You's         More festival pictures by Savannah Lewis

Headliner: Lauren Sheehan

Headliner: Joel Tepp

Headliner: Matt Andersen
The Blues Brothers are at it again!
Now all we need is the music played by Matt Andersen ... and we were there!

Festival Stage Mgr
Rosanna McInnes

Emcee Jill Giles

Emcee Laurel Hilts

David McCormick & Lia Zito 

Tim Mason

Irina Rivkin

Blues Brothers

Seldovia Fiddlers

Serina Turner

Chaela Ogle

Olivia Turner

Mary Glover

Billy Goat Band - Kari Hendrick, Kirby Corwin, Jeff Snedgen,
Chris Lillo

Kenny Powers - Caller/Dancer
with Muskeg Sally Band

Muskeg Sally Band - Fred
Carpenter, Linda Zeigler,
Jan Myre, George Sleichter,
Bruce Bookman

Mavis Muller
Maker of Basket Sculpture
(photo supplied by Mavis)

Director, Susan Mumma, presented with flowers

Back Alley Banned

See Director's page

Friday night performance.

Festival over
Musician's child asleep in
Base case

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Sponsored by:
1) Alaska State Council on the Arts

2) Harper Touring Grant
3) Western States Arts Federation (Westaf)
4) Seldovia Arts Council