Year 2001

Year 2000


October 1, 2006

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Alison Brown (Banjo Player of the Year) and the Band:
Joe Craven-
fiddle & mandolin
John R. Burr -
Garry West -
base guitar
David Heyer -

We had a really great turn out for this concert and it was SO GREAT! We did not want them to ever stop playing! Truly one of the greatest bands of our time!!! Absolutely amazing musicians!
Thank you so very much for sharing your music! Was a time that will live long in our memory!

David on Drums John on Keyboard
Pictures only taken of Joe Craven teaching the fiddle workshop. Joe is teaching rhythm at this moment.
Alison Brown and David Heyer were also doing a workshop in a different area.

Info on Alison:

Alison was in the Krauss Band and Michelle Shocked's group, not to mention a career in investment banking, Alison Brown has been taking the banjo to new neighborhoods. Recording on her own Compass Records, Brown favors jazz and Latin grooves on this most traditional of Appalacian instruments. She creates, in the words of the Philadelphia Daily News, a "seamless synthesis of hoedown, Celtic and jazz."
In Collaboration with Bela Fleck, she won the 2000 Grammy for Best Country Instrumental Performance. She participated in Krauss's Grammy-winning album I've Got a Feeling, and received a Grammy nomination for her own Simple Pleasures and Fair Weather. And she has been honored as Banjo Player of the Year by the International Bluegrass Music Association.
More Information Compass Records
Garry West, husband of Alison Brown is a bass player and label co-founder of Compass Records
will also be playing at this concert.