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Elizabeth Ware and Paul Schweigert's performances            May 6th-May 7th, 2005

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The Alaska Theatre of Youth, Edgeware Productions and The Eccentric Theatre Company came to
Seldovia and did Shakespeare's
" A Midsummer Night's Dream"
and it was quite a performance!

Elizabeth Ware and Paul Schweigert did a few acts for the students
at SBE English School on May 6th.
As you can see by the students'
interest, there were many
questions after the performance.
A great deal of emotion was
spent over love or love-not
relationships, all with happy endings.

Sponsored by The National Endowments for the Arts in cooperation with Arts Midwest.
The transportation for this production was paid for by a grant from the Rasmussen Foundation' Harper Arts Touring Fund.. administered by the Alaska State Council on the Arts.

The five pictures below are scenes from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" which made Shakespeare's work come alive!
Players: Theseus and Oberon --Paul Schweigert; Hyppolyta and Titania --Elizabeth Ware; Puck and Philostrate-- Don Love;
Egeus and Quince --Mark Stoneburner; Hermia and Peasblossum-- Anthea Carns; Helena and Cobweb --Betsy Bell; Lysander and --Snout Will Martinez; Demetrius and --Snug Bobby Woofter; Bottom-- Brent Bateman; and Thisbe, Flute and Mustardseed-- Billy Harbour. The Director of the production is David Edgecombe. Stage Manger Janet Stoneburner
Designer and Scenic Artist Margret Hugi-Lewis Light Design Scott Baker


Synopsis of A Midsummer Night's Dream
Defying parental authority and official edict, Hermia and Lysander affirm the strength of their love by escaping into the enchanted wood outside Athens. In hot pursuit comes the jealous Demetrius, pursued in turn by lovesick Helena. This wayward human quartet is suddenly beset by fairy mischief in the shape of Puck, who attempting to cure lover's torments with dromps from a magic flower, turn pursuer iinto pursued. Puck is emissary for Oberon, king of the fairires, who is squabbling with his queen Titania. The hapless insturment of Oberson's revenge is Bottom the Weaver: he and his fellow "mechanicals" have come to the wood to rehearse the "lamentable comedy" (a play within a play) of Pyramus and Thisbe. Marvelously incompetent in the role of the lover Pyramus, Bottom is transformed by Puck into the donkey-headed favorite of Titania. But midsummer madness evaporates with the dawn. The lovers are magically and happily paired and return to Athens for a triple weddling, the festivities of which will feature a triumphant performance of the mechanicals' play.

Local help for this production:
Mike and Mary Webber
Mary and Tom Glover
Susan Mumma
Susan B. English School
Shari Burt
Susan Zerwick
Darlene Crawford