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April 5, 2004 - Part Two

In Part Two of the spectacular, a complete transformation of the stage took place as the Anchorage Opera Studio Theatre and 21 students from Miss Bornheimer's K-5 class presented a rousing musical version of story, "Stone Soup." Considering they had just one day of instruction, the talented Opera singers, really did perform magic as they transformed the young students into a chorus of actors and singers. In the story, tenor Mark Craig, played a soldier who was lost and very hungry. Since he had no money and no friends to give him food he devised a plan to create a soup made of "magical" stones. He met the town butcher, played by bass, David Schmidt and the Vegetable Lady played by soprano, Wendy Baker. He tricked them into adding meat and vegetables to a boiling pot of water. He also charmed the town major, mezzo-soprano, Lexa Ferrill and the townspeople, students of Susan B. English School, into adding their favorite spice and foods, thus making a delicious smelling soup and the whole group sang, " There is nothing I like better than to smell a good smell….". Acommpanied by pianist Tom Getty, and aided by the Director of the Anchorage Studio Theatre Cecelia Schieve, Opera came alive for those of us who have had very little contact with this art form.

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The Anchorage Opera Studio Theatre was part of a two day in school Anchorage 0pera outreach program aimed at presenting various elements of one of the world's finest art forms to K-12 students. Day one was focused on the production of " Stone Soup by elementary students. Day Two featured "Operamania" for Junior High Students, monologue coaching for Drama Students, poetry writing and song writing for English classes and a performance of arias for the whole student body. students. The Anchorage Opera studio theatre was made possible by a grant from CIRI and Seldovia Arts Council funding. BRAVO BRAVO to such a talented group of people!! The event was fantastic.

April 6, 2004

  Cecelia Schieve, Director; Tom Getty; Mark; Wendy; David; & Lexa

The Seldovia Arts Council would like to thank: The Bayview Suites (Seldovia Native Association), the Seldovia Rowing Club B&B and Tom & Mary Glover for hosting the groups. Thanks also to the Suydam family who transported the stranded Opera group from Homer to Seldovia on a dark and windy Sunday night.
Special Thanks to CIRI (Anchorage Opera Studio Theater Grant), The Alaska State Council on the Arts (Program Grant and Harper Touring Arts Grant from the Rasmussen Foundation), WESTAF (Touring Grant) and Susan Mumma of the Seldovia Arts Council for bringing these groups to Seldovia. Without your financial aid and support, these two concerts would not have been possible.     You made it happen!


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