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Year 2000

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Would you like to become a member of the Seldovia Arts Council?

The Seldovia Arts Council Welcomes New Members!

Your membership in the Seldovia Arts Council demonstrates your support for the arts in Seldovia. Members participate in the various aspects of making our art events a reality.

We need people who can help us plan events recruit artists and performers provide food, housing or transportation organize activities for an artist's stay in Seldovia act as stage crew provide performance spaces publicize our events assist with fundraising or grant writing perform teach a workshop

One year memberships cost:
Individual: $15
Business: $50
Sponsor: you name it!

And what do you get for your membership? You experience the heady thrill of making arts programming a vital and growing part of Seldovia. Your vote lets you share in directing our work. You get to meet talented and exciting artists while seeing the arts from the backstage perspective. When you work at an arts council event, you get a very exciting price break on your admission ticket-often adding up to a dollar or more! Yes, it's true: participate in enough Arts Council Events and your entire membership fee may be "paid back" in discounts. And, because the Arts Council is a non-profit organization, it is able to offer your business a receipt for any donations you make, which may be of benefit when you file your taxes.