Seldovia Arts Council
Folk Festival 2001


Year 2001

Above - Fruit Rocking at the Commons

Thank You--- to all Involved in making the Folk Festival a Huge Success!!!! (click here)

Tuesday, July 17: Sound technologies workshop (for those learning to work sound systems..) with
The Right Connection's Rick and Shiela Miller

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Wednesday Night --                                    The Fruit Group

Mel Playing the Horn

Susie & Mel
- up close

The Band

Sam - up close

Susie, Katherine, & Sam - up close

Thursday: Folk, Contra and other dance workshop with the Dancing Bears

Caller- Kenny Powers

My Home Upholstery Strang Band

Dancing Bears

Willy Dunne -
base fiddle

Sherri Hadley - fiddle

Bruce Bookman - banjo

John Michaud -

John Michaelson
- guitar

Richard Gelardin - guitar

Friday: Festival Stage Concert. The core group will be Anchorage's My Home Upholstery Strang Band (bluegrass) (Community is invited to share your talents and play)

Sea Otter Dancers

Native American Dances - Leader Trinket Gallien

Dancers: Ariel Anohonoak, Brooke Haynes, Courtney Collier, Emily Haynes, Holly Volsted, Jennifer Giles, Kathleen Gruber, Christy Gallian, Lauri Gallian, Molly Chapman, Naomi Gallian and Sally Volstad

"Safety in Numbers" - Seldovia group
"Safety in Numbers" -- Performers were: Susan Mumma, Pam Howard, Laurel Hilts, Mary Glover, Mary Webber, Mike Webber, Mark Rowland, Dan McElrath, Susan Springer, Vivian Rojas Michaelson, Felicia Rowland, and Pixie

Dan McElrath at the Keyboard

Dan McElrath doing the keyboard while singing

Susan Mumma and Pam Howard

Two Bands came in on Mako

Impromtu Performance by Laurel Hilts

Shiela - The Right Connection

Band - Stephanie Zuniga, Sally Wills and Willie Dunne

Pete Conduras, Lark, and Richard Olson

Saturday: Dancing

Saturday: Dancing

And All times having FUN!!!!