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Representative Projects
Projects representing a range of experience are summarized below. These projects demonstrate the ability to complete large and small projects utilizing all of the common construction materials and practices required for local and remote site jobs.

Projects by Category

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Solomon Gulch Hydroelectric Plant
Solomon Gulch Hydroelectric Power Plant
Located near Valdez, Alaska, this power plant includes power house design for a 7,500 Kva generator and provisions for a 25-ton crane. The turbine enclosure is fed by two, four-foot diameter penstock lines and is constructed of cast-in-place concrete. The control rooms are constructed of steel frames with precast concrete wall panels.
Anchorage Int'l Airport Parking Garage
Anchorage International Airport Parking Garage
This $25 million structure, located in Anchorage, Alaska, incorporates current technological solutions to historical parking garage problems. The structure is a cast-in-place, post tensioned concrete shear wall structure. Epoxy-coated reinforcing steel was used to minimize corrosion. The project includes a 1200-space parking garage and associated appurtenant structures including stairs, elevators, escalators, ticket booths, and crew break/crew changing rooms. Mr. Allen was a structural consultant for the project with prime responsibility for the stairs, elevators, escalator enclosures, and the parking control building.
W. Northern Lights Bridge
West Northern Lights Railroad Bridge
This Alaska Railroad steel-through girder bridge is located in Anchorage, Alaska. The bridge deck is a structural steel system using ½" thick deck plate and 18" floor beams. The rails are connected, by use of special devices, directly to the deck plate, eliminating the necessity for ballast and its inherit maintenance costs. The bridge girders are 6’8” high, custom-fabricated plate girders with exterior and interior stiffening elements. The girders provide two 70-foot floor spans over a four-lane divided highway.
Old Seward Highway Bridge
Old Seward Highway Bridge
This bridge, located in Anchorage, Alaska, provides crossing over Campbell Creek for a four-lane highway using two 40-foot spans. The bridge deck is precast, prestressed, cored concrete panels with asphalt topping. The piling supporting the interior pile bent are 12 diameter steel pipe pile with special weathering characteristics. The abutments are supported by retaining walls constructed of Reinforced Earth concrete panels. The design provides an attractive and economical solution in an environmentally sensitive area
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Anchorage Sand & Gravel Automated Block Plant
Located in Anchorage, Alaska, this automated block plant features state-of-the-art computerized equipment making it the most automated block plant on the West Coast when it was completed. The new facility is completely enclosed, with sandwich-panel insulation between two concrete walls for high energy efficiency and low maintenance. 
Sheet Metal, Inc. Steel Fabricating Shop Located in Anchorage, Alaska, this 35,000 square-foot building contains areas for fabricating and painting steel. Several bridge cranes are installed in the building, including twin 15-ton cranes geared to work in unison. The structure consists of a steel space frame.
Valdez Civic Auditorium Located in Valdez, Alaska is a combination steel-braced and moment-frame structure. Extreme snow, wind, and seismic loads are accounted for in this design. The building houses a theater with a stage, seating area, and a large assembly hall. The building has a floor area of approximately 35,000 square feet. The construction cost was approximately $7 million. The facility provides high-quality entertainment space to a relatively remote area.
Trail Lakes Hatchery Located near Moose Pass, Alaska, this hatchery is constructed of cast-in-place concrete control rooms placed below grade. The above-grade framing is of wood and designed for the extreme wind and snow loads inherent to this location.
Bulk Fuel Storage Facilities Planning and design for this type of facility has been provided for many sites throughout Alaska including Diomede, Point Hope, Cordova, and many others. These projects included site selection, tank farm layout, containment design, tank design, and preparation of EPA spill prevention and DEC contingency plans.

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