After holding services for years in basements, portable buildings, other churches, and even a storefront, having a permanent new building is an exciting prospect for Nazarene church members here in Homer. It has come about through God's will and the perseverence and hard work of a dedicated group of people.

     Pastor Riley Hunter and his wife Pat came to Homer in 1978 to start the local church. Although they first lived on the beach in Anchor Point for months, they eventually rented a home in Homer, and the first services for the church were held in the basement of the Pratt Museum, and then later the congregation met at Homer Christian Church. After about a year, a portable building was erected and used, although contact with Homer people was limited because most of the people meeting came in from Anchor Point. Because of this, a church was built there. Pastor Hunter led the Anchor Point church, and Pastor Gene Penrod took over the Homer church for five years. He was followed by Pastor Hank Allman. Eventually the Nazarene denomination in Anchorage considered closing the church in Homer while supporting the Anchor Point group.

     Pastor Hunter was still being led by the Lord to finish the work in Homer though, and after much prayer He made the decision to move his family back to Homer. It was then that the Homer church rented the Pioneer Emporium. The downtown store was considered a great facility with it's centralized location.

Pastor Hunter has since been called to the Nazarene church in Kodiak, Alaska, and was replaced by Pastors Wallace and Janette Riehle, who for four years worked hard at building up the Homer church. It was during their term that the new church building went up.

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