In 1959 Joe and Elisabeth Aprill purchased this Kenai Peninsula property from one of the early Alaska homesteaders. They converted the small cabin into a cafe and built a motel, calling the business Aprill's Anchor View Apartments. Julie Egbert purchased the business in 1965 and renamed it the Anchor River Inn. Later, when she was joined in partnership and marriage by Bob Clutts, they replaced the old cabin with a much larger restaurant, bar and liquor store. When Julie passed away in 1982 the Inn incorporated with Bob Clutts serving as president. Since its incorporation the Inn has undergone many changes in a short period of time. The north side of the property, across the street from the restaurant, has been developed to include a year round liquor store and grocery store, and 10 modern motel rooms. More recently, the restaurant building received an extensive face lift where, among other things, a modern conference room was added, giving us the capability to host meetings, retreats and banquets of various sizes. Bob Clutts still serves as president of the Anchor River Inn. He attributes the continued success of the business to his marriage in 1984 to Simonne. They make a great team and are destined to continue building a better, stronger Anchor River Inn.
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