Other Activities available off the Katmai Coast with Coastal Outfitters

There's lots to do on shore.

Captain Chuck will not only put you close to bears, he'll show you some of the most spectacular scenery Alaska has to offer.

Bird Watching

Alaska is a birder's paradise. You can see eagles, ospreys, hawks, puffins, murrlettes, guillimots, scoters, harlequin ducks and maybe even a rare black oyster-catcher.

For serious birders, we offer day hikes, skiff trips and the opportunity to view and photograph the rich variety of birdlife the area has to offer.

The mud-flats host thousands of shorebirds during the annual spring migration, but summer-long residents feed on the rich marine live of the area as well.

Picture yourself at one with the sea, only inches from the waters surface, skimming the waves as quietly as an otter searching for a meal. Sea-kayaking is a great way to see the beauty of Alaska's coastal and marine wildlife up-close. We'll put you close to the spectacular beauty of the Katmai Coast. There are no crowds here. The remoteness of the area lends itself to quiet introspection.

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