Welcome to

Circle of Wings

a non-profit drop-in center for the mentally ill and their families

a NAMI and NAMI Alaska affiliate

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Our President Richard Smithson

animation by ponson
Come on in and have a hot cup of coffee!

©Jean Steele 2002

what kinds of things can I do at Circle of Wings?
beadwork, sewing, enameling, computer work, painting, watch movies, share meals

                                                   beautiful dangles                                       make fishing poles                                   enameling

Where are we at?  in Suite #115 downstairs from the Kachemak Center
just down the hall from the DMV

You are welcome to join us in embracing recovery

How do I reach Circle of Wings?   1-907-235-5284
e-mail: wings@xyz.net
snail mail: Circle of Wings  601 E Pioneer   Suite 115  Homer. Alaska  99603

Can I volunteer at Circle of Wings?  Most certainly you can...
we are a non-profit advocacy agency

What are some of the things Circle of Wings members do?
advocacy and intervention, teach classes, support and information,
help keep the facility user friendly, provide coverage
help plan and administer grants

Founding Member Jean Steele

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 National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

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Help for people

Plenty of space for many projects to express yourself


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