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The Seldovia Herald (TM)
Weekly Hometown News for the Greater Seldovia Area

November 29, 2001 -- Vol. 3, No. 48
ISSN: 1534-6544
Seldovia, Alaska

Potters Guild offers new creative opportunities

Members of the Seldovia Potters' Guild at work in the pottery studioSeldovian crafters have a new outlet for their efforts and talents with the recent formation of the Seldovia Potters' Guild. The group, which is open to anyone who is interested in potting regardless of their experience level, was described by member Dede Higman as a "skill-sharing situation."

While the group has no formal instructor or program, members are willing to share their expertise and the training some of them received from instructor and ceramic artist Liz Olivella last summer. They meet in the Boys and Girls Club pottery studio upstairs in the school shop, although the guild is not otherwise sponsored by the club. They have the use of the kiln, three wheels, glazes, and a variety of tools in return for a monthly $15 per member fee. Club members are also responsible for purchasing their own clay at $10 a block.

The guild meets in the studio every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7-9 pm, and anyone considering participating is welcome to visit the group at no charge. "It's an enthusiastic group; it's fun," Higman said in describing the newest addition to the Seldovia crafts scene. More photos of the studio and the work the guild is doing are on page 2.

  • Potters' Guild photos—page 2

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