Greg Brown

       Greg Brown in Concert(click on image)

Greg Brown is a guitar virtuoso and superb song writer and vocalist. His melodic base voice and wonderful songs mesmerized the audience in Seldovia on May 17th. The concert seemed so short; although he played so many wonderful songs..and then it was over! All good things must come to an end! We had a sell-out crowd for this concert. Greg Brown probably did not know, but he had many loyal and devoted fans here in Seldovia. I know of one fan who has all of his albums and plays his music in her restaurant. Another fan has seen him perform in about 3 different places around the United States. We did not have to advertise for people to come to his concert, we just needed to let 1 person know he was coming to town! Thank you Greg for coming to Seldovia! Seldovians are honored to have his talent charm our souls when he performed for us.

Greg Brown and local Seldovian in background.

Greg caught the big one! Picture taken by his friend, Carl Homstad!
Nice fish Greg! Nice photo Carl!