David Mallett in Seldovia
on October 19th

David Mallett

Although we were few in numbers, we few were blessed with this concert and wonderful songs. David is truly a master of folk music and we were so fortunate to meet and hear his full bodied music. Not only can he sing, but he plays the harmonica at the same time he plays the guitar and he never misses a beat!

The songs David Mallett writes and sings are filled with passion, evocative imagery, and a sense of the inevitable passage of time. The loss of American towns and rural landscapes is the subject of many of his songs, as are the issues of wilderness preservation and the struggle of the common man. When he is not touring, the place where he makes his songs is in his writing room in an old farmhouse with a view across the field and a tintype of his great-great grandfather on the wall.

“I like to keep reaching out to touch the past,” he says, “to connect it with what’s going on now. To me music is one of the few things that is timeless ... human emotion is one continual chain.”