Mummas at Festival

Thank You!...

(Picture to the left is Susan Mumma's brother and her niece, Sadie, with Susan in the middle)
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As we rest up from the Summer Solstice Weekend and the Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival I, as festival director, would like to take a moment to contemplate its outstanding success and express some gratitude for the way it all came together.

From the inside, I saw several very dedicated people working their hardest to make a huge event happen. Savannah Lewis, Darlene Crawford, Mary and Tom Glover, Michelle and Massion, Mary and Mike Webber, Lynn Corwin, Susan Zerwick , Jeff Madsen and Susan Mumma were there from the beginning as festival leaders, helping to put the festival's musts together: the venue, the program, the gate, the T-shirts, the housing , the transportation, publicity and the invitation of guest artists to Seldovia and sponsorships for the event. Planning for the event took place though out 2002-2003 and began last August when the Seldovia Arts Council decided to put on another festival following a successful 2002 event. Later, Tim O'leary Tim Robertson, Mark Jaynes were recruited for sound engineering. Vivian Rojas Michaelson and Judith Lethin were asked to help MC and Steve Lewis and Mark Massion, and Daryl Scherkenbach helped with the clean up efforts. It was a stupendous job well done. The Event was fantastic!!

I would like to thank the Local Craft folks for a great crafts faire and the Parents of the SBE booster club for providing those needed drinks. I would like to thank Marilyn Sigman of the Center for Coastal Studies for offering a Natural History Tour and Savannah Lewis for her Tour of Seldovia History.

I would like to thank The Alaska State Council on the Arts, the Across the Bay Tent and Breakfast Company, Seldovia Rowing Club B. and B., the Seldovia Island Resorts, The Lowell Suydam Family, Mike and Mary Webber and Great Northern Air our Mega Star Sponsors ..

I would also like to thank, The Boardwalk Hotel, The Buzz, Dimond Center Hotel Eagle’s Croft B& B, Gerry’s Place, Tom and Mary Glover, the Seldovia Herald, Hopkins Brothers Construction, Spenard Builders, Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Stranik, Swan House B & B, Mary Jo Stanley and Jackie and Fritz Graece, Fantasy North, Sweet and Clean and Wells Fargo Bank who were our Superstar Sponsors.

Le Bistro, The Tidepool, and Mad Fish Restaurants, Benefit Consulting Services, East Homer Elementary Grade 6 and Splash Zone B and B and Jeff Madsen who were Star Sponsors.