The Seldovia Arts Council's 2002 Folk Festival was a HUGE SUCCESS!
Thank you to all the Performers for a Wonderful Show! During the Performances you could hear a pin drop (except for the music)....Then the applause was thunderous! "Was truly one of the best events in my life! So much fun!" See also: Susan Mumma and Judith Lethin, Susan, Pixie, Luke, Siol, Muriel Anderson, Rick Brooks, Annie Wenz, Resolution Road, Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, Robin Hopper, Anna Stange, Mike Campbell, Steve Sutherlin, Cindy Bologanani, Safety in Numbers, Loonie Creek, Jane Erman and English John, Matanuska Thunder Pluckers
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Cindy Bologani Susan Mumma and Judith Lethin Loonie  Creek Band Local Seldovians Sing together Group Performers Rick Brooks Anna Stange Annie Wenz Robin Hopper, Tracy Grammer and  Dave Carter Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer Muriel Anderson - National Finger Plucking Champion Siol Band Opening Act - Steve Sutherland