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This project!!  Developing a local non-government entity aimed at facilitating a balance between development and conservation in our area so that our children will be able to enjoy the same quality of life as we do.  A team of volunteers is starting a water quality monitoring program, with the assistance of the Cook Inlet Keeper, on various sites along the Anchor River.  This is a very exciting and necessary step toward developing a base-line data profile of our watershed!  Many thanks to the Keeper for their assistance and training.


Anchorage has a population of 300,000.  Most of whom recreate on the Kenai Peninsula.  The fastest growing age group in Anchorage is senior citizens, who are looking our way, not only as a good place for recreation, but also as a great place to live.

Does it need protecting?  Are we doing all that is needed to insure our children have a future here?  What more should we be doing?

Did you know that in 1960, there were 9000 people living on the Kenai Peninsula?  Today there is almost 50,000.

Nation-wide, the fastest growing segment in our population is
retirees.  This year the first of the baby-boomers turn 50.  Each year after this, the number of people turning 50 doubles.  More and more people are turning to Alaska as a place to retire.  Why is this so?  What does this state, in particular the Kenai Peninsula, have to offer?


A necessary ingredient to a healthy community is economic stability.  Economic stability comes from sustainable economic growth.  Is our economy sustainable?

Anchor Point is the fastest growing community on the Kenai Peninsula.  We grew 5% this last year.  What is the reason for this growth?

Anchor Point is Growing

Anchor Point could be classified as a gateway community.  Gateway communities are the fastest growing communities nation-wide.  What are 'Gateway' communities?  They are those places that are located in, next to, or provide access to wilderness and recreation areas.  The reason people are moving to them is because they provide access to recreation and a quality of life that has disappeared from the larger cities.

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